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Friday, October 5, 2012

Not a Princess

Not a Princess by I.D. Gallagher
(Summary taken from amazon.com)
"So you've met Mr. Right, your very own Prince Charming.
But what if you're Not A Princess?
Susan, an average girl from the North of England, is getting ready to marry the man of her dreams, BJ, with the melodious voice and eyes the colour of melted chocolate. Perfect, in every way.
And then she realises he is not who she thought he was.
Will she ever fit into his world?
Is there going to be an Happy-Ever-After?"

I loved this book! Need I say more? Ms. Gallagher pulled me in from the beginning. I loved her writing style and the tone of the book. It was easy to read and follow, and kept me turning the pages. It flowed well and continued to keep my interest. The character development is really good and I felt like Susan was my best friend. I felt like I was right there with her. I related well to Susan. Oh, and I would LOVE to have her closet! I really liked B.J., V.J., and Victoria. I also liked Mary, Quinn, and Miriam. There was just enough mystery to make me keep reading, but not enough to make it too dramatic. There was a point when something happened in the storyline that was a little corny, but I just kept on reading. In another book I may have rolled my eyes and put the book away, but in this book it just fit and worked fine. (Sorry, I don't want to ruin the surprise!)

This book definitely ended too soon. I was not ready to be done with Susan yet. I kept trying to turn the page on my Kindle to see if there was more, but unfortunately there wasn't. The author is from England and so there were some words that I had to guess the meanings of, but it wasn't enough to really confuse me or anything. It was kind of fun learning some English words.  I loved that this book was clean! There wasn't any language or "physical intimacy" scenes. There was some kissing, but even that wasn't too detailed. There was a discussion of maybe after the wedding what to expect that night, but the actual word was never used and it was quite vague. They also discussed sexual purity before marriage. That is almost a quote and that is as far as it goes. It's not in-your-face either. It's not like a political or judgemental statement. There is a murder in the book, but it is tastefully done (if that is possible). It doesn't go into a lot of detail, you just read more about the emotions and reactions following it.

I really liked this book and recommend it with the previous warnings. I would say it is an actual Young Adult approved book!

Rating: PG-13 (A discussion of sexual purity and about waiting until the wedding night, a murder)

Recommendation: 13 and up. As always, I would recommend that a parent read it first to make sure it is appropriate for his or her child.

Disclosure: I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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