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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Objects of Her Affection

The Objects of Her Affection by Sonya Cobb

(Summary taken from an email the publicist sent me) "The Art Forger meets The Theory of Opposites in a riveting family drama that goes inside the art world’s black market. After the housing market collapse, Sophie and her husband, a museum curator, are in danger of losing it all—until Sophie realizes she’s found a dangerous way out of their crushing debt."

You know those books (and movies) where you can see the consequences of the choices the character is making before she can? And you know how you start screaming in your head, "Nooooo!!!! Stop!!! Don't do it!!!!" And it doesn't make any difference, the character obviously doesn't listen and it drives you crazy? Well, this book is full of those moments. Ahhhhhh!!! You just want to call Sophie on the phone and ask her what she is thinking and tell her to stop. Yeah. It's frustrating. Even though I did not like the choices Sophie made, I still really liked her character. I thought she was so cute and would be someone I would get along with. She just seems like a cute mom that lives in my neighborhood, and I'd probably be friends with her. I like her drive and her normal mom-ness. I love that she loves her kids but isn't perfect. I love that she struggles with being at home all the time and wonders where her formal self went (Maybe it's because I'm dealing with this right now....my baby will start first grade this week.....). I just like Sophie; she's a fun character. I also like her husband Brian. He can be a little aloof at times, but that's normal for everyone sometimes, right? I thought he was well developed and real as well. I liked Carly most of the time. She made a few poor choices herself, but overall was a good supporting character. I could never get my finger on Harry. Sometimes I liked him and sometimes I did not. I don't think I ever trusted him as much as Sophie trusted him. The book was well written. I liked Ms. Cobb's writing style. I thought it was easy to read and understand, it flowed well, and the descriptions were well done. I loved the details in this book, and I loved how Ms. Cobb perfectly described motherhood. I also enjoyed learning a little bit about the world of art and museums. 

The only negative for me in this book is the language. Boo. Why? Why do authors feel the need for the language? I don't understand. It's distracting and irritating. I really enjoyed this book but cannot recommend it to my friends or family because of the language (Most of my friends and family dislike the language as well). There's not a whole lot of "normal" profanity, it's just that there are a lot of "f" words. A lot. Please authors, don't ruin a good story by splattering it with profanity. There are a few innuendos and an almost-"intimacy" scene. It doesn't quite happen, but almost. I did like this book, and if language doesn't bother you then I would recommend it.

Rating: R (There's no violence, but there are a few innuendos and an "intimacy" scene that almost happens. There are a lot of "f" words and a handful of other profane words.)

Recommendation: Adult

Disclosure: I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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