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Friday, February 27, 2015

Raising A Reader

Raising A Reader

Today's tip for Raising A Reader is to:
Find the genres and topics that interest your children. 

Let them pick books out to read! They usually know what they like. If not, start with their hobbies and talents. Children will easily get bored and disinterested if they are reading things they aren't interested in, just like adults! So, if you have a dancer, try books about dancing--fiction and nonfiction. If you have a scientist, find books that relate to science. If you have a baseball fan, find books about famous baseball players, the game of baseball, etc. If that doesn't work, keep trying. Try fiction, nonfiction, sci-fi, fantasy, biographies, mysteries, magazines, or even comic books (Yes, I know......but you may need to start somewhere!). I've noticed that a lot of books, even novels, are now written in graphic novel format, which looks more like a comic book. This might be a good way to transition from comic books to novels. You could try audio books too. Some children may also be more sensitive to having the main character the same gender as them. If you have a girl, try books that have strong female main characters, or opposite for a boy. Anything you can get them to read is a good place to start, and then you can build from there. If you're still stumped, ask the child's teacher what the other kids in the class are reading. Many times children will talk about the books they're reading and give good reviews. This may interest your child. It's fun to read what *everyone* is reading, and be in the know! Librarians are also very helpful when it comes to finding good books. You are always welcome to search my blog as well! I have a pretty good list for many different age groups.
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