What is your reading goal this year?

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

.....And a Little Math Today!

I know I'm usually all about reading; however, I found this great math program that is free for the summer, and I had to share! My kids have used TenMarks at school, and so I am familiar with the program. It is all automated, so the kids do an initial assessment, and the program determines where he/she should be, and it gives him/her problems that are at the correct ability level. When your child masters a topic then it automatically assigns more difficult problems. TenMarks has a FREE summer program this year! You just sign your child up, put which grade he/she will be going into this fall, and you're on your way! They have 40-50 assignments for the summer, so the kids can work on it almost every day. I'm happy, but my kids aren't......(hahaha....yep, I'm the mean mom!!)


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