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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Why Book Reviews?

Why Book Reviews? My Blog Story

When I was way too young to read chapter books, I would beg my mom to let me read them. She did; because she's awesome like that. When we'd go fishing as kids, all my siblings would get out their poles and fish, and I'd read; because I'm a nerd like that. I've loved books as long as I can remember. I cannot recall a time in my life where reading wasn't a huge part of it. Well, I guess I can, but I'll get there in a minute. During the summer I'd sit under the tree in my front yard and read for hours on end (hence my logo at the top of the page...). I love being taken away to another time or place, I love getting caught up in a story, I love seeing the world through different lenses, and I love learning new things. When I was in school and we had to read a book as a class I would get so frustrated because I just wanted to read the whole book. I didn't want to read one chapter a week or whatever the assignment would be. So, I'd usually read the whole book and then go back with the class and read it again. I'd read whenever I had a spare second. High school and college were a bit more difficult because of the heavy coursework, but I still managed to find the time to read. The one time in my life that I really didn't read was when I had two little boys running around at home. Every time I'd pick up a book, they'd get into trouble.  I always read to them, of course, but reading for me was almost non-existent. So, I stopped reading for awhile. Then one day I realized that they were just going to have to deal with it. It was good for them to see me read, and it was good for me to read. So I'd keep a book out and read a few pages at a time. Little by little they got better at allowing me to read. Now we have a great system going! They read way more than I do, and it's so great to see! 
Sometimes it's me telling them to put the books down! 

I'm very conservative with what I allow my children to watch and read, so my goal has always been to read books before they do so I know what's in them. I did well for awhile, but there is no way I can keep up with the amount of time they spend reading now. However, that is why I started my blog. I wanted a place where I could go to look at the content of the books my kids wanted to read--before they read them. I wanted to know if there was profanity or violence or "intimacy" in the book before I handed it to them, and I couldn't find that place. That is why I started my blog! I figured there were probably other moms just like me who didn't have time to preview all the books their kids read, and there needed to be a place where they could go to preview a book without reading it. It wasn't just for my kids, though. I'd want to know for me too. I hate getting into a book and then finding that it is riddled with profanity or that it has "intimacy" scenes that are way too detailed and graphic. So that is why I review all sorts of books for all ages. I want my blog to be a place where every reader (or her parents) may come and find content info. on the books she would like to read. If you'd like me to preview a specific book just let me know! If you have any comments or suggestions, I'm always open to improving! Happy Reading!

~Monica :)


Trisha Terry said...

I hate not knowing what is in the books my kids are reading so I am really glad you are doing this! Maybe now that my little man is headed to first grade I will start reading more too!

Monica H said...

Thanks for your comment Trisha!! When my baby went to first grade I definitely took advantage of the little bit of extra time each day to read! I hope you enjoy your alone time!