What is your reading goal this year?

For Authors

Attention Authors:

I would love to review your book!

If you have a book you would like me to review, please email me at:

Please Remember:

I will review books in the order they are received, and I cannot guarantee a review.

I am many things (wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend, etc.) and sometimes reading comes last. It may take me awhile to get to your book, but I promise I will get to it.

I will always give an honest review, even if I do not like your book. (I don't like giving negative reviews, but I have to be honest.)

I do not read erotica, horror, or gory, yucky, dark books.

I do not like profanity in books, so if your book is full of profanity it will most likely get a poor review, or I will at least knock the rating down because of the language. I may also choose not to read the book if there is too much profanity.

I also do not like detailed, pornographic "intimacy" scenes in books. If your book is full of those things then it will get a poor review. I may also choose not to read the book if it is too graphic.

Thanks so much!!!

***Update: 11/8/17*** I am very honored that so many authors have requested reviews. I never expected to receive so many requests. I enjoy hearing from all of you, and have really enjoyed reading and reviewing your books. It is killing me to say this, but for right now I will not be able to accept any new review requests. I have received so many that it is going to take me months and months to catch up (As of right now I have around 40 books in queue.....I read 68 books last year. Yes, I know....I have a problem.....I can't say no!). So, until I catch up, I will only be able to accept review requests from the companies I work with. Please don't forget about me, though (this is why I have put off this announcement-I don't want to be forgotten). Check back in a few months, and hopefully I'll be open for requests! Thanks for your patience and understanding.   ~Monica 


Everette Henry said...

I would love for you to review my childrens book, Penguin Brother Adventures Daddy Lost His Imagination when you have time. Thanks :)

Monica H said...

Everette, thank you so much for your consideration of my blog. Will you please send me the information for your book via my email account: the-readathon@q.com? Thank you!!!

Cat Blount said...

Hello Monica! If you are still knee deep in books to read, I completely understand. However, if you do have room for another book to review, I would LOVE for you to review one of my newest titles. I am so excited about them! There are four total, as of today. They are titled,
A.)Kindergarten Color War
B.)I Want It
C.)The Ridiculously Mean Sister
D.)There IS a Santa! There's Gotta Be...

You can choose which one and I will send it to you.

Thanks so much!


Monica H said...

Will you please send me the info. via my email address? It is the-readathon@q.com. Thanks!

Lou said...

Hi Monica, not sure if you are yet taking more books for review. It has been some months since 01/2015! I have a middle grade fantasy/adventure, ages 9 through adult. If you are interested, please let me know. The title is Sword of Dragonblood, first book in the downdreamer trilogy under the pen name L. S. Goulet.

Thank you,
Louise Willis

Monica H said...

Thank you for considering my blog! Will you please email me the information at: the-readathon@q.com? Thanks!!