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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Raising A Reader

Yay! I have a new segment that I will be posting on hopefully once a week. It is called "Raising A Reader." I have a lot of people ask me as a teacher, and as a mom with some fabulous readers, how to get kids to enjoy reading. I'm hoping this segment will answer that question and give some good ideas of what you can do to get your kids to enjoy reading. I'm also hoping to give some hints on how to make your kids better readers as well.

Today's tip is the easiest and the most fun! The thing I always told my students' parents was to read to their kids. Reading to your kids every day is the best way to help them enjoy reading. What is better than piling on the couch or the bed and enjoying a great book together? Not only is it good quality time together, it also teaches them to enjoy reading. It can be picture books or chapter books, depending on their age, but either way.......Just Read!!!

If you need some good ideas on books to read to your children, you may check my READ-ALOUD link. There are some fun read-aloud books listed. Happy Reading!

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