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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Still Working On It....

Hi Everyone! 
I'm still here! 
I have been working very hard to get my new site up and running. 
I'm learning a lot. A LOT! When all my content was transferred over it got a little
messed up. So, it's taking me longer than expected to go through nine years worth of posts
to fix everything. So, for the moment, I'm going to cut the connection between
blogspot and wordpress. For now you will only be able to access my site from:


That way I can make sure everything with the new site: www.thereadathon.com is up and 
running properly. Thank you for being patient with me! I have a bunch of books in queue to 
review for all of you, I just need to get the website up and then I'll add the reviews.
Thank you for being so patient and for being part of my Readathon community!!!

Happy Reading,


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